In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 317

I had lunch with some co-workers today. One of them talks and laughs a little louder than what I find agreeable but he’s a nice person. He brags a lot about certain things too and acts like he answers to no one but I’m inclined to believe he obeys his wife without question whenever she asks something of him. I can’t prove it and It’s not like I’m going to ask him if that’s the case or not but it’s what I feel to be true.

Anyway, he doesn’t like her food very much and sometimes complains about it. If he learned how to cook instead of complaining, things would be different but that’s a whole different story. I used bits of his persona to construct the male character of today’s shortie. The female character borrows a bit from his wife as well. I also included a bit of self-referential humor in it well given I’ve written many pieces involving food in the past. The end result is a humorous dish best served hypnotically. I hope you like it and until tomorrow.

Nothing Different

Hans laid down the plate.
“Gretchen, your meals keep getting worse.”
“Sorry, I changed the hypnotic seasoning.”
“You’ve used that one before.”
“No, I haven’t. Didn’t I just say I changed it?”
“Did you change anything else recently?”
“Don’t know. Notice anything different?”
No. He always had lunch in a furry leotard and silly heels.


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