In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 302

I spent some time thinking about traditional things today. I also spent some time realizing there are a lot of things I wish I could remember that I don’t. At one point, I got a headache so I stopped thinking but the wheels were already in motion inside my head. Putting things under the fetish spotlight, I ended up writing a little humorous something that brushes upon traditions and memories. You are about to read it. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your day.

Forgetting Traditions

“Look deep into my eyes. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy…”
“That’s so lame, Brooke!” Jason admonished.
“Oh? I thought you liked the traditional stuff,” she purred.
“I do… when you tell me to.”
“I see. I like that you like to forget wearing clothes in my presence.”
He would always remember to forget that.


Middle name Creative. Writer and artist with a penchant for themes of Female Domination, Hypnosis and Mind Control. My thoughts are my own except when they’re not.

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