The X-Files Pilot (Unaired Version)

Have I told you before I love The X-Files? It’s true, I do. Even after all these years, it’s my favorite TV show of all times. I grew up watching it and have many fond memories of those days of yore.

The mini-season that aired last year wasn’t that great overall but I still enjoyed it and the fact that ten more episodes are on the way is something I appreciate. I saw the trailer for it yesterday and I’m somewhat intrigued by it all. I hope it delivers. If you didn’t see it and want to, just hit the video below.

Now, why am I bringing this up, especially when the title of this blog entry refers to an unaired version of the first episode? Well, I think it’s easy to infer it refers to something I wrote. This is not a new piece, but I’m sharing it in a new format, just for the fun of it.

According to the series lore, Mulder and Scully first met on March 6th, 1992. The pilot episode has some iconic sequences and certain lines of dialog that came to set the tone of everything that was to follow. Fans of the show will certainly recognize where I’m going with it in my fetish side of things.

If The X-Files had turned out to be a show that dealt explicitly with the themes of this blog/site, how would that play out? The answer is in the following picture. Enjoy.



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