In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 253

I felt like writing something dark today, and so I did.

I’m going to be perfectly honest, here. If you don’t like humiliation themes, you probably won’t enjoy this one. It’s certainly not something that appeals to me on any level, but I follow inspiration wherever it leads me and that’s never going to change. Until tomorrow.


“I hate you,” Matt confessed. “You ransack my mind and shatter my thoughts. Your words are pure acid and yet all I want is to follow them into oblivion. Why?”
“Because being deprived of choice…” Kimberly kicked him hard. “… is better than everything else.”
Helplessly humiliated, he knelt to lick the blood off her heel.


Middle name Creative. Writer and artist with a penchant for themes of Female Domination, Hypnosis and Mind Control. My thoughts are my own except when they’re not.

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