In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 54

It’s no surprise to anyone that the world of today is simply too fast, too hectic. There’s always lots of things going on in our lives, and stress loves to rear its ugly head without remorse. Often, we find ourselves thinking we don’t have the time to do everything we need/must do, let alone unwind. While that may be the case in many occasions, in others, the time exists but is simply mismanaged to some extent, either through procrastination or by focusing too much on the wrong things instead of the right ones.

The above statement is, by no means, a judgmental one, because I’m guilty of that as well. Still, I recognize the importance of “finding time” whenever possible because our days here are numbered from the start, and it’s of the utmost significance we set aside moments for leisure, and for simply letting go. Some folks are able to do just that by keeping an activity log to help them organize their days better. This particular concept helped in the creation of today’s shortie, but it wasn’t the only source of inspiration.

I can also thank the image below for that, too. It probably doesn’t work for everyone, but I certainly enjoy the overall effect it produces.


Well, that’s enough of an introduction for such a short writing, I feel. Enjoy.

Duane’s Activity Log

– Showering (five minutes);
– Having breakfast (five minutes);
– Catching up on Facebook updates (ten minutes);
– Clicking Jenna’s link (one second);
– Watching the pretty colors (one minute… no, three. Or was it thirty? More like three hours and… oh shit, it’s bedtime already?);
Tomorrow will be better, he thinks, and he’s right.
She’ll have two links ready.


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