In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 – Day 25

Sinistrus Bohemius Hyde is a villainous character of mine, an “alter-ego” of sorts.

While I love the ideas of female dominance, hypnosis and mind control, he dreams of turning every woman into a slave to his whims. I channeled the character on a couple of occasions, especially for role-play purposes but that’s way in the past now. He disappeared from my mind a while ago. I wrote this piece in limerick style to “explain” why.


There once was a man called Hyde
Who was quite shrew and snide
And with his trusted cane
He fried too many a brain
Of women, with pride.

Then, out of sapphire blue,
A female power shone through.
Her regal words pierced his soul
To take complete control.
Now, he’s a pet in her zoo.


Middle name Creative. Writer and artist with a penchant for themes of Female Domination, Hypnosis and Mind Control. My thoughts are my own except when they're not.

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